Tailor-made Solutions

Starting from intensively analyzing customer needs we design and produce complete and economical solutions for any selected purpose. We have many pre-designed solutions that suit different applications. However, in case the standard solutions do not meet the customer’s specific requirements, we are ready to develop and modify our systems to optimally fulfil the customer needs. Our intention is to minimize the time from design start to system commissioning. For these customer projects we use fast and efficient process including sourcing and manufacturing.


Press cylinder

  • Force 500 kN.
  • Speed 50…500 mm/s.
  • Move length 450 mm.
  • Motor power  22/44 kW.

Valve control unit

  • Force 60 kN.
  • Speed 5…30 mm/s.
  • Move length 200 mm.
  • Motor power 1,5 kW.
  • Intelligent control.