Electric Cylinders


Motiomax electromechanical cylinders are ideal solution for various linear movement application in automation, industry as well as in moving equipment. Pneumatic or Hydraulic cylinders can often be replaced by Motiomax electromechanical cylinders.

Typical properties of Motiomax electric cylinders

The electric cylinders are based on either ordinary or heavy-duty roller ball screws.

Standard models:

  • Force: 1-1000 kN
  • Max speed: 100 – 500 mm/s
  • Max Stroke: 6000 mm

In Motiomax electric cylinders we select the motor type, which provides optimal performance in different customer applications. The motor can be DC motor, AC motor or servo motor.

Advantages of Motiomax electric cylinders:

Strong mechanical design and high-quality ball screws result exact positioning, precise and high-speed moves. Due to high quality components used in our products the product reliability is very high and maintenance need is limited.

The efficiency in our products is very high, in many cases over 90%. This means efficient usage of energy and for example in battery operated systems the operation time is about twice as long as with hydraulic systems.

Our cylinders do not use hydraulic oil and the risk for environment is very small. In many cases the cylinders can be made grease lubricated.

If compared to hydraulic systems Motiomax electrical systems are very simple, while there is no need for hydraulic control unit, valves and piping. This results to short system design time, fast installation and commissioning.

Motiomax systems are compact in size and easy to connect to other system by using common bus interfaces or wireless connections.

Motiomax electric systems are delivered fully tested and, in most cases, pre-installed with motors and motor controllers.

Electrical and hydraulic Cylinder comparison

  Electric Cylinder Hydraulic Cylinder
Installation Simple wiring requires power unit, filtration, pump, piping,
valves, etc., large footprint, expensive manufactures
Accuracy Very accurate Expensive position measurement. flexibilities
Control Simple PLC Control Demanding PLC control
Reliability Low maintenance Requires regular maintenance,
Wearing seals, special oil
Force Up to 1 000 kN High
Speed Easily adjustable power and speed With expensive proportional or servo valves
Life expectancy Millions of repeats, predictable Depends on oil purity and concentrates
Environment Clean and energy efficient Oil leakage risk
Costs Reasonable initial costs, The cylinder typically less expensive, but the power unit,
Very low operating costs piping, valves, etc. increase the price
  Expensive installation and maintenance

DC Motor

AC Motor

Servo motor